Anniversary Getaway

Anniversary Getaways, Fun To Plan And Do

Anniversary getaways can be a great deal of fun to plan, and if well planned, usually end up as enjoyable experiences. Some couples are quite capable of going on anniversary getaways that are simply road trips, often with their destinations only vaguely defined.

What anniversary getaways are like depends to a great extent on the chemistry between the husband and wife, or the chemistry they hope to revitalize. Some prefer getaways that involve children or friends, while others prefer being alone, the latter being admittedly more romantic. Still, if a couple wishes to renew their vows as a part of the vacation, they often like to do so in the presence of friends or children.

Any Year Will Work - When we think of anniversary getaways we sometimes restrict our thinking to those special anniversaries like the silver or golden anniversary, yet there are a lot of married couples to choose one of these getaways on the 1st, 23rd, 44th anniversary, or whatever. Lots of young couples plan a getaway on their 6-month anniversary. You don't even have to hit the exact date during the getaway, though it probably adds a lot if you do.

Anniversary getaways are often undertaken with a specific destination in mind. Often it's the site of the honeymoon, but just as often it can be a favorite city or resort that the couple has visited and enjoyed sometime in the past. Others like to blaze new trails and try new things.

A Cruise Is Hard To Beat - A getaway on a cruise ship is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. Cruises are especially good choices for couples who may no longer be as mobile as they once were, don't wish to do too much driving or flying, or simply would like to be pampered a bit. Many cruise lines are happy to serve special meals, and even dedicate parties to those on board taking a second honeymoon. Ships captains will often be happy to officiate at a ceremony in which the couple renews their vows, or there will likely be a chaplain or even a minister on board who is willing to perform a non-denominational ceremony.

Not Dinner, But A Romantic Dinner - Whether on a ship or on land, the highlight of an anniversary getaway is often the romantic dinner. This is one time where expense should not be an issue, or at least should not be too much of an issue. Save up a little extra and have an excellent evening of food and drink, be it a romantic dinner alone on a terrace, or simply at a secluded table in a finer restaurant. Upscale restaurants will often go out of their way to make special occasions even more so, but if a couple's favorite restaurant is a neighborhood cafe, specializing in affordable dishes, there's nothing wrong with that either.

Detailed Plan Or Spur Of The Moment - Having a plan isn't absolutely essential, and there is something about a planned itinerary which can take some of the spontaneity out of an anniversary getaway. It never hurts to ask others for ideas or advice of course, but getaways seem to be more fun when there's a bit of a “spur of the moment” approach taken. Of course if you're spur of the moment idea involves a cruise, there won't be much else needed in the way of planning.

While much of the time may be devoted to seeing the sights or taking part in certain activities, the best getaways are those in which husband and wife are dedicating most of the time to one another, enjoying and sharing common interests. Plan for a romantic dinner, perhaps a renewal of vows, and let everything and everyone else play supporting roles.