Angry Wife

How to Fix Your Angry Wife Problems

There are times when no matter how hard you try to do right, you will find yourself with an angry wife. It is possible what you did fully warrants the amount of hostility your angry wife is sharing, or it may be that a small thing became a big deal. Either way, you have an angry wife, and when the wife is angry no one else can be happy in the house. As a general rule of thumb, if the wife is miserable, everyone is miserable. Luckily these ten ideas are easy to tackle and will help turn your angry wife into a happy wife again.



  1. Admit you were wrong. This is often a very hard thing to do, especially when you feel you are in the right. The majority of the time who was right or wrong does not matter if you want to keep from having an angry wife. A simple “I’m sorry.” Is often not enough to make things peaceful in the home. She wants to hear you tell her she was right, and more importantly, that you were wrong.

  2. Stay out of her way. Many women just need some time to cool off after a fight, and this typically involves venting to one of her friends on the phone. Let her have this time. In fact, maybe consider handing her the phone and suggesting she call her best friend or mother to vent. It will happen anyway, but at least acknowledging that she needs her space and the companionship of another female will help her to cool down and stop being an angry wife.

  3. Clean the house. Nothing makes a woman happier than seeing a man clean. When you get in trouble with your wife, one of the best ways to fix the situation is to do some serious scrubbing. Clean the kitchen, take out the trash, and swap out a few loads of laundry. Let her see you trying to make amends, and you will likely no longer have an angry wife. Make sure that your chores are done before you take on extra work, or you’re likely to have a more angry wife. If she can find something you forgot to do, she will likely never let you live it down.

  4. Cook her dinner. Women around the world complain to each other that they are responsible for all of the cooking. Even if you cannot cook, microwaving her favorite frozen dinner is a great way to say that you are sorry to your angry wife. If you try this option make sure that you leave the kitchen spotless, or your good deed could cause you to be in more trouble.

  5. If you are unsure as to why you have an angry wife, ask her to explain to you what you did wrong. Often this will result in yelling and screaming for a bit, but she will feel much better after getting her issues off her chest. Occasionally, you just have to be a man and take it, especially if you did something wrong.

  6. Buy her flowers. It may sound really tacky and old fashioned, but very few women do not appreciate the gift of flowers. It is an easy way to say “I’m sorry” and will likely bring a smile to the face of your angry wife.

Having an angry wife is no fun, but you can turn the situation around to work in your favor. All couples fight at some point or another. The key is to make the fight worthwhile by learning what to avoid in the future and learning how to move on as a couple.