Ammonia Uses

What Are Common Ammonia Uses?

There are numerous ammonia uses that many people may not be aware of.  It is used for many things that we come into contact with each and every day or for things that we use from time to time.  This article will explore some of its uses in more detail.  You may have an entirely new outlook on this product when you are done reading this article.

One of the most common ammonia uses is the use in the farming and agricultural business.  Ammonia is often used in the soil to help the plants grow.  Some plants and crops will need more ammonia than others but that is for the farmers to determine.  If it is not worked into the soil in a dry form it can be applied in a liquid form as it is used in the production of fertilizer as well.  It is interesting to know that this chemical is partially responsible for helping grow the food that we eat on a regular basis.

You store your food in the refrigerator correct?  We already know that ammonia is used to help grow the food now it is important to know that it is also used to help keep the food cool.  This product is used to keep the refrigerators cool as it is used as a refrigerant.  It is easy to see that this product has a lot of different uses related to the food that we eat.  It may play a much larger role than we ever knew.

When you are at school or work and you need a piece of paper, you are using another product that has ammonia in it.  Researching ammonia uses will bring attention to the fact that it is used by the paper industry in order to pulp the wood and make the paper.   It is also added to the mixture used to make the coating that is applied to the finished paper product.

If you have thought about ammonia uses you may have thought about the products that you use to clean your home.  While this is definitely a common use for ammonia, as it is used to help make cleaners, it is obvious that this is not the only use for it.  Many chemicals and products that we come across in our daily lives are used to make other products that are just as important to us.  However, when you do not take the time to recognize what is used to make everything you come in contact with you would never know it.

You may know that ammonia can be dangerous and it should never be taken into the body.  This is not a product that is edible by any means.  But, it is interesting to know that it is used to help make our water clean to drink.  It is used to help regulate pH levels within water treatment plants.  I think that this is ironic but still very interesting.

If you have ammonia in your home you will want to keep it in a safe place.  This is especially true if you have small children.  You do not want them to be able to get into this product so you will need to keep it locked or placed up high where the child can not reach it.  This is recommended with any products that you have that could be harmful to your child’s health.  If you fear that your child did drink some of it you will need to call your doctor immediately.  He or she will give you directions on what you need to do. However, the safest thing for you to do is to keep the product locked up.