Alternative Careers For Teachers

Top 10 Alternative Careers For Teachers

Whether you are just starting in the workforce or if you are experiencing a bit of burnout, you may find yourself looking for alternative careers for teachers.  Just because your college education is in the teaching field does not mean that you are limited to spending your days in a classroom setting with students for your entire career.  Below are the top 10 alternative careers for teachers that you can easily transition to when you are ready for a change in your life.



  1. Curriculum Development – If you have your own ideas about improvements in curriculum and how it should be implemented, a curriculum development specialist might just be the perfect job for you.  Most of the larger curriculum companies have multiple offices spread out in major cities across the United States.  Typically, five years experience in education and writing is required.
  1. Educational Consultant – Professionals in these types of careers for teachers work with high school students and their parents to guide them with their higher education decisions and experience.  Educational consultants have the option of working with a consulting firm or being self-employed.
  1. Tutor – If you love teaching but really prefer a more personal approach, consider becoming a tutor.  In most states, teachers are not permitted to actually tutor their students but once you step out of the field, you are able to offer your services to new and previous students.  You can work with a tutoring company or become self-employed and set your own hours.
  1. Librarian Technician – This can be one of the most rewarding alternative careers for teachers, especially those that enjoy reading and love the atmosphere that a library offers.  Individuals in these positions help patrons locate and check out materials, maintain databases and check in returned books.  A librarian technician also organizes periodicals, books and any other items that need to be re-shelved.

  1. Writer – It is no surprise that teachers make some of the best writers.  These professionals have the opportunity to write information articles or books on whatever field their expertise is in, work as a freelance writer or even write fiction novels.
  1. Teacher Trainer – Teachers are always expected to attend workshops throughout their career to learn new information, technology or improve their teaching technique.  If you have expertise in a specific field and teaching experience, you may be qualified to share your knowledge at a local, state or regional level.  Additionally, major corporations typically have training programs for their employees so becoming a corporate trainer may be another avenue to explore as well.
  1. Online Facilitator – With the explosion of popularity in online education, it is no surprise that there are an abundance of available positions for individuals looking for alternative careers for teachers.  The best thing about working as an online facilitator is that your career is traditionally completed from home with your personal computer and internet connection.
  1. Textbook Sales – If you are good with people and passionate about curriculum, this may be the perfect career for you.  The textbook sales team presents educational material to a committee of teachers.  If you are someone who enjoys traveling, there are a lot of positions that require visiting many locations with textbook sales as well.
  1. Career Advisers – Professionals in these types of alternative careers for teachers offer guidance and advice to individuals who need feedback about education, training and work.  Career advisers assist clients to establish short and long-term career goals.  They must have exceptional organization and communication skills to track the progress of clients and maintain meetings.
  1. Motivational Speaker – These professionals who are also referred to as being inspirational teachers, use their talent of holding an audience's attention along with their energy to present information and stories that help their listeners make positive life changes.