Advantages Of Solar Energy

The Many Advantages Of Solar Energy

Few will deny the many advantages of solar energy. In fact, nearly all living things not only take advantage of the energy provided by the sun, but require it for life itself. In today's world however, the focus is not so much on how plant life benefits from solar energy. That's a given. The focus today is on how we can harness the power of the sun, in the same manner as we have harnessed the power of the atom, the wind, and extracted energy from coal and petroleum sources, not to mention the harnessing of electricity.

Clean And Inexhaustible - The two predominate advantages of solar energy are that is it clean energy, and that it is inexhaustible. We have learned how to harness this abundant energy source, though there is much to be done to make the harnessing of solar energy more affordable. It was not too many years ago that the cost of solar panels to provide all the energy needed in a household, was significantly more than the cost of the house itself. Today, many use solar power on a small scale, often to power such things as alarm systems, or walkway lights. In some instances, homeowners use solar energy as a novelty. In other instances the user has in place a larger system and expects an eventual return on the initial investment. Insofar as it being clean energy, that can translate over the years to lower medical expenses, especially expenses associated with respiratory diseases,

No Maintenance Manual Needed - Assuming one installs a solar energy system, which may consist of little more than a solar panel, but can become much more complex in specific applications, another of the advantages of solar energy becomes evident. The system is usually maintenance free. Semiconductor-based solar panels are for all practical purposes maintenance free, with the possible exceptions of having to clean them on occasion, like one would clean a dirty window. Solar panels don't normally stop working if they become a bit dirty, but can become much less efficient, so the need for a little periodic light maintenance is to be anticipated.

I Am What I Am - A solar panel is one of those "what you see is what you have" kinds of things, which is to say it is a complete entity in itself. You don't have to feed it or fuel it. There are no moving parts to wear out, and there are no emissions, toxic or otherwise, and no waste byproducts produced, requiring one to try and figure out where to dump or store them. The solar panel is a quiet, unobtrusive servant.

Advantage Of Being Modular - Another of the advantages of solar energy is that it is not an all-or-nothing approach. One can live in a home served by several kinds of energy, and admittedly the cost of installing a total solar energy system is still beyond the reach of most. But one can always power certain parts of a household from solar cells, expand the use of the cells over the years, as solar systems are modular, and eventually tie into the electrical grid. In the final analysis, one might hope to eventually put into place a solar energy system which produces enough energy such that excess energy can be sold to the grid, providing a potential stream of income for the homeowner.

A Cloud On The Horizon - If there is a fly in the ointment, and there is bound to be at least one, it begins with the letter “C” - Clouds. That is not an insurmountable disadvantage, nor is darkness, as electrical storage systems can usually work around those problems, though admittedly this can be an issue in areas where sunny skies are sometimes a bit of a rarity. The good news seems to be, technology will eventually prevail.