Advantages Of Mobile Phones

The Advantages Of Mobile Phones

One could start an argument by stating that the advantages of mobile phones outweigh the disadvantages, but the statement is probably pretty close to the mark. There are disadvantages to be sure, many having to do with being a captive audience in listening to the conversation of others. First of all, what they have to say usually seems trivial (our conversations never are of course), and secondly, you only get to hear one side of the conversation, which can be maddening.

If one goes back in time, during most of recorded history the fastest means of communication was by horseback, or by good long-distance runners where horses weren't available. The advent of trains and the telegraph, especially the latter, helped speed up communications considerably. The telegraph was in some ways the equivalent of present day text messaging, at least from the  perspective that lengthy messages could be both time consuming and expensive.

Then of course came the telephone, opening up a whole new world, especially for teenagers. Early telephones were usually mounted on a wall, or in a booth, so you couldn't communicate while on foot except by two-way radio. Eventually someone thought up long cords, so you could at least walk around the room, though you had to take the phone with you. Finally, with the invention of the handset, one could go anywhere in the house while talking, even outside as long as you didn't stray too far. The advantages associated with making phone calls just seemed to keep on growing. Early mobile phones no longer relied on long cords, but were often the size of a shoe box, and it often looked fairly ridiculous, or even slightly snobbish, when talking over one.

Anywhere To Anywhere At Any Time - The invention of the cell phone, through satellite technology and with the power of the computer chip which has allowed us to make things smaller and smaller while doing more and more, brings us to the present time, where the greatest advantage of the mobile phone has become the ability to talk to almost anyone from almost anywhere, whenever one wants to. Each year brings new functionality, including text messaging, Internet access, and the ability to send images to another cell phone, or to a home or remote computer.

Useful In Emergencies - In spite of the problems we have at the moment with those who insist on texting while driving, carrying a cell phone enables help to be called in the event of an accident. When you come upon an automobile accident these days, and several people have gathered, at least one of them, and often more than one, are calling for help or assistance on a cell phone. That ties into what was previously cited as one of the greatest advantages of mobile phone, the ability to call anyone anywhere, including the police, the fire department, or an ambulance, immediately.

Quick Access To Information - One of the other advantages of mobile phones is the instant access to useful information, especially with the advent of the Smart Phone and the iPhone. You can look up about any type of information you need, including phone directories, driving directions, restaurant menus, and of course the latest stock market quotes. Mobile phones allow many people to carry their office with them, along with the ability to conduct business from any place at any time, admittedly at times to the annoyance of others.

There are other advantages of mobile phones of course, many of them based upon individual needs or desires. Despite the cost, and the care that needs to be taken so they are not lost or stolen when being carried around, mobile phones have made the lives of most of us much easier, and while some risk becoming overly dependent on them, for the most part we probably mostly use our mobile phones in ways that serve us best. Those who chat endlessly on mobile phones would chat just as endlessly over landlines or over the back fence. The mobile phone just makes it easier.