Adrenaline Rushes

The Best Amusement Parks for Intense Adrenaline Rushes

For heart pounding adrenaline rushes, one rarely need look any farther than a decent amusement park. True adrenaline junkies know, however, that not just any rollercoaster or waterslide will do.

If you are looking for the ultimate in adrenaline rushes and scream-inducing excitement, consider including one of these extreme amusement parks in your next weekend trip or vacation. Each one has something special to offer the whole family, particularly those members that are looking for something more intense than a mere butterfly fluttering sensation in their stomachs.


The Adventuredome is located in the center of the Las Vegas strip and housed in a 5.5 acre bright pink building. Don’t let its exterior fool you though. Featuring over 25 unique rides and attractions, the Adventuredome is one of the most affordable and action-packed amusement parks in America.

During the Halloween season, this amusement park is transformed into one of the top 5 scariest haunts in America, featuring phobia-exploiting haunted mazes, crazed psychopaths wielding real chain saws, and aerial acrobats that swoop down on you through thick, dark fog.

Even in warmer weather, though, this park can have your heart racing with its many thrill rides. The Canyon Blaster, Adventuredome’s flagship ride, is the world’s only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew rollercoaster. For the more athletic folks, there is also an elaborate laser tag area and an extreme rock wall. This park also houses several unique thrill rides, such as the Disk’o, Chaos (a different spinning experience every time), and the Slingshot which hurls you up its tower with over 4 Gs of acceleration.

Knott’s Berry Farm

For people that assume this amusement park is only for families with small children, they’ve got another thing coming. Completely revamped, this amusement park houses several “aggressive” thrill rides that are designed to move you so fast and so high that you don’t even have time to scream before your body is moving in the opposite direction.

Located in California, Knott’s is home to stomach churning rides such as the Supreme Scream that throws its riders 254 feet into the air and then launches them back down to earth faster than gravity ever could. For people seeking adrenaline rushes with a kid-like appeal, the Screamin’ Swing offers the chance to be on a steroid infused swing set that propels your body through 4 Gs at over 70 feet in height.

Like the Adventuredome, Knott’s Berry Farm also pulls out all the stops at Halloween, changing the pleasant Camp Snoopy environment into a hellish multi-acre park full of mazes and absolutely terrifying “scaracters” that are specially costumed and trained to send you running in the opposite direction.


Six Flags Magic Mountain

This shrine to adrenaline rushes is located in sunny Los Angeles and is home to more than 100 rides and attractions. While the rides are plentiful, they are also revolutionary and, in many cases, record breaking as well. The newly revamped X2 is the only 4th dimensional rollercoaster in the United States. It utilizes audio and visual elements to stimulate all of the rider’s sensory organs and send their pulse into overtime.

If you like rollercoasters that feature inversions, you can’t top the Viper. This bright red rollercoaster boasts seven scream-worthy inversions and the world’s tallest vertical loop (over 14 stories high). For speed freaks, Superman: The escape is calling your name. This ride takes its lucky guests from 0 to 100 mph in less than 7 seconds and rockets them 41 stories straight up, before flipping around and shooting them back down to earth.

While there are countless other theme parks across the country and the world, these are just a small sampling of what America has to offer.