Acrylic Urethane

The Benefits of Acrylic Urethane

Acrylic urethane combines two well known polymer technologies-the versatility as well as the cost-efficient acrylic with the urethanes’ tough durability. According to the product information, some of the benefits of the union are improved durability, good burnish resistance, less scrubbing and/or recoating requirements and excellent resistance to both abrasion and solvents.

Actually, the new green series acrylic urethane sealants are outdoor as well as indoor friendly. They are permanently flexible, non-flammable, clean-up with water and emit very little odor. The product can also be used to seal around such areas as doors, windows and even kitchen or bathroom countertops successfully.

With a slightly different chemical break down acrylic urethanes are cheaper, exhibit almost all of the same benefits as and are only a notch or so below the toughness of polyurethanes, while still remaining above the grade of the regular paint. They are found in clear coats now used in assembly lines of the automobile factories and to grace many of the small town city water towers all over the country.

Most improvements to the product have come through the increased efforts of various manufactures believing in the product. Nearly every manufacturer of paint now offers a water-based clear or wood finish. Other qualities include good brushing abilities for better flow on surfaces and excellent drying as well as recoating application times. Acrylic urethanes are scratch resistant and can be used even on hardwood floors because of their ability to resist water and/or mild chemicals for cleaning.

Acrylic urethanes dry crystal clear with no ambering effect to add color to the woods being covered. Sheens are available ranging from a high quality of clear gloss to the more subdued eggshell and can be of benefit to many specialty and/or faux finishes. This is particularly true in high water areas such as the kitchen or the bathroom. Their low odor and easy water clean up illuminating the need for solvents only add to their desirability.

Though some of these features vary from one manufacture to another these facts about the benefits of acrylic urethanes can still give people a good indication of what the product has to offer. In the testing of an acrylic urethane finish on a piece of 1x4 wood that was used as a coaster for a never ending glass of ice water the product proved itself. After six days of the sweating glass sitting on the wood there were no adverse effects to the finish making it a good choice for interior wood staining projects or those that just need a clear coat finish.

Urethanes were originally designed for the rigorous specifications of the high tech performance market of sport vehicles. Because of its high gloss, high resistance to water, gas or chemical spills/soaks as well as weather ability it is not only popular in the automotive industry but is used extensively for farm and construction equipment and in the field of hydro-graphics which specializes in the scientific study of the sea.