75th Birthday Gifts

Choosing Memorable 75th Birthday Gifts

Celebrating a 75th birthday is a very special celebration. Not everyone will live to that milestone and, for those that do, the event deserves to be marked in a special way.

Gathering the loved ones of the birthday honoree is the most important part of the party.  Getting family members and friends in one place is, for many, gift enough.

Still, those attending the party will want to present the person of honor with a gift worthy of such an important celebration.

Here are some ideas for 75th birthday gifts that will help make the celebration even more special.

Video Montage

A very special idea for a 75th birthday is to create a video montage of highlights of the person’s life. This can be done by using photographs as well as video clips and other mementos. If you are not especially handy with a video editor, there are many companies that specialize in creating this type of video.

If you choose to use a professional service, you’ll need to hand over everything you’ve got. It’s a good idea to make copies of irreplaceable photos and other items rather than giving them the originals.

You may choose to give the gift at the party, and let all of the guests see it.  Others instead opt to give the gift directly to the recipient so that they can enjoy it privately.


Restored Memento

If the birthday guest of honor has a special item, such as a quilt, a piece of antique furniture, photographs or anything else that is in need of restoration, secretly taking on that task is a fabulous 75th birthday present.

Many people of that age are not even aware that old ripped and faded photographs can be restored to look nearly brand new.  What a wonderful surprise it would be to present them with an album full of restored photos from their youth.

One woman knew that her grandmother treasured a jewelry box that had been given to her by her grandfather as a wedding gift.  It had been in disrepair for years, but still it sat in a place of honor in her living room.

It wasn’t easy, but the granddaughter snuck it out of the house, had it restored and presented the like-new jewelry box at her grandmother’s 75th birthday party. It was the most memorable moment of the night.

Special Guest

Another great 75th birthday gift is to bring in a guest that the birthday honoree didn’t think would make it. This is especially meaningful if the special guest lives out of the country.  To increase the intensity of the surprise, have the special guest call just before he is to make an appearance.


As he is explaining how sorry he is that he couldn’t make it, he can come walking into the room.

The entrance of this walking and talking 75th birthday gift is sure to be among the most special moments of the party.


If there is someplace that you know the person has always wanted to go, a great gift for a 75th birthday is to send them on vacation.

It might be a cruise to Alaska or a trip back to the place of their birth. Wherever in the world they dream of going, a trip there would make an amazing 75th birthday gift.

The key to great 75th birthday gifts is giving something that is more than just an expensive item. It should have meaning and celebrate the life of the recipient in a way that lets them know that they are loved and that you understand what is most important to them.