50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Top 5 50th Birthday Celebration Ideas

The topic of 50th birthday celebration ideas is essential in trying to plan to best birthday party for your friend, significant other, parents, etc. When you know someone who is turning 50, it is a huge deal. Not only have they reached a major milestone in life, but also this is when they will sit back and examine all they have completed in life. Some people will look back and miss their childhood days, others will be thinking “I wish I would have done _____,” while yet some may be completely proud of all they have accomplished in those 50 long years. Throughout this article we will explore the top 5 50th birthday celebration ideas and themes that are sure to be entertaining for all involved.

Theme #1: A Blast from the Past
For this theme party, you will venture back in time to one of the best periods in time throughout the 50 years. For example, you may wish to have a 60’s theme if the person was born that decade or was a teenager. In this example, you could ask guests to come decked out in 60’s memorabilia of all types (including disco balls, peace signs, and much more). Or if the 80’s are preferred, grab some Rubik’s cubes and you are set. For this decade, do not forget to play great music from the hair bands of this time! You could also participate in a game of trivia to reminisce on the good ole days regardless of which decade you choose. This particular party may be great for those who miss their childhood days or who would simply enjoy the fun.

Theme #2: Strolling Down Memory Lane
This is an excellent theme to take the special birthday person on a trip through their life. Grab pictures, high school friends, college friends, old coworkers, grandchildren, children, current friends, and more to make this party absolutely perfect. Place any memorabilia you have throughout the party site; be sure to include baby pictures. You can even share stories to remember the amazing childhood and adolescent memories. The goal is to reminisce of all the person has been through and remind them that they are loved.

Theme #3: From Rags to Riches
Here you will be able to explore the success of the birthday person, which is specifically great for anyone who has reached a great success over the last 50 years. You can create a timeline from birth until the age of 50 to display and bring back great memories. You can invite former coworkers, friends, business partners, etc. to help make this celebration unique. For those wishing to take this party up a notch by making it a bit more elegant, you can have a stand up cocktail party with light hors ‘d oeuvres.

Theme #4: Wish I Would Have….
One of the best themes for someone reaching the age of 50 is where you ask the person one thing they wished they would of done over the last 50 years and theme the party after that dream. For example, if they wished they would have taken a trip to Egypt, you can decorate the entire house in Egyptian artifacts to bring Egypt to them. This party theme is sure to evoke adoration and leave the birthday person in awe.

Theme #5: The Classic Over the Hill
Obviously you cannot go wrong with an over the hill themed birthday party. There are supplies at every party shop that enables this party to be set up with complete ease and success. Be sure the person you are having the party for does not fear the thought of getting old before you pick this theme. Also, make sure to make the party memorable by examining their past and inviting long lost friends for them to reconnect.

These 50th birthday celebration ideas are all adaptable themes to meet your needs. The most important thing is ensuring that whatever you decide to do fits the birthday person. Help them to feel loved, respected, and appreciated by showing them all they have accomplished, while also inviting great friends and family members. In the end, let your creativity run wild as you plan a memorable, fun party.