50th Anniversary Party Ideas

A Sampling Of 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

Coming up with 50th anniversary party ideas isn't really all that complicated, unless one chooses to make it that way. One of the secrets to success of course is to plan ahead, in fact, given the importance of the celebration, plan well ahead. In an age where staying married for 10 years seems to be difficult for many if not most, a couple that has stayed together for 50 years deserves something very special in the way of a celebration. It would be nice of course to pull out all the stops and take out a second mortgage if necessary to give parents the party of a lifetime. That really isn't the wisest of decisions though. Best to set a reasonable budget, and plan well ahead so you'll get the most bang for the buck.

Budget - Of course immediate family members should hopefully be willing to share the costs. Close friends of the couple may also, but probably should be approached with some caution in this regard. Close friends will almost always want to participate in one way or another if some special event is planned, and may be willing to pay for some of the expenses. One example might be that if the celebration were to take place at a resort and be limited to immediate family plus selected close friends, those friends will probably expect to pay for their own expenses.

Let The Couple Know What's Afoot - The party itself can be something very informal, or can be a formal catered dinner with all the trimmings. Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, the party or dinner should be held some place other than the celebrating couple's home. They don't need the stress. Another thing they could probably do without is a surprise party. In fact, to ensure success, it's best to let the couple know of the plans afoot to the extent that they can contribute something in the way of what their preferences might be. Most would be perfectly happy to spend an evening with family and close friends, but a special gift that they can enjoy together is always a nice idea. The gift could be an expense paid vacation of a lifetime to a place they have always wanted either to go to or to return to. It could also be tickets to a special concert or event, or a membership in a health club.

T-Shirts And Presidents - A banquet hall can be rented and several hundred people invited if you have something grand in mind, but a dozen or so family and close friends enjoying a multi-course gourmet meal in a multi-star restaurant may at times be even nicer. If the party isn't to be overly formal, one idea for a party favor is to have some T-shirts printed up with a picture of the anniversary couple that was taken 50 or so years back. Another favor would simply be a framed photo of the couple to be given to each of the guests. Since it is such a special occasion, why not get the White House into the act? The President and First Lady will be more than happy to send the couple a special letter of congratulation, even though it may be written by a White House staff member. A letter sent to the White House Greetings Office at least 6 weeks in advance with all the necessary information should do the trick. Don't forget to include your address and phone number in case they have a question. The White House would like to do it right, given the occasion!

As a rule of thumb, the more formal you can make things, the better. After all, this isn't just a birthday party, it's a celebration held in honor of two very special people. Make them feel that way. And make sure that whatever you and others do, there's plenty of love behind each and every aspect of the planning. The party isn't so much from you as for them.