40th Birthday Celebration Ideas

Some Interesting 40th Birthday Celebration Ideas

40th birthday celebration ideas need to be fresh and exciting.  We all know that this is a milestone birthday and we want the person to be excited and enjoy themselves.  We have all seen the over the hill parties that many people will resort to when someone is turning 40.  While this is a fun way to approach this age, it is often to be expected and it does not leave much to the imagination.  This article is going to explore a few other possibilities for celebrating your 40th year.

The first type of party that you can have is the theme party.  This can include any type of theme you could imagine.  Maybe you will want to celebrate the year that the person was born.  You could research that year and include all types of decorations related to major events that took place that year.  Another way you could go is to have all of the music from that time and play that during the party as people mingle with one another.  Theme parties could also include a casino theme where you have table games and slot machines (depending on your budget).  Any way you go, make sure that you think about the person who is celebrating their birthday.  You are going to want to go with a theme that they are going to enjoy.  Therefore, you are going to need to think about what that person likes and plan from there.

If you are planning on an intimate party with only family and very close friends you may consider a vacation.  This is one of those 40th birthday celebration ideas that will never be topped and it is most likely going to be a huge surprise to the person you are honoring.  You may be able to plan a cruise or a trip to the beach (depending on what the person enjoys). It may be possible to rent a beach house and go from there.  How surprised would that person be when they get to the beach and find all of their family there waiting for them.  However, you need to remember that this is going to take a lot of advanced planning and you will need to let people in on the idea very early on so that they have time to save money and help pay for the party if need be.

40th birthday celebration ideas are also moving towards simple boat parties as well.  You may be able to find a river boat in your area and book it for the evening.  Many of these river boats may have casinos and restaurants on them.  You will simply need to call in advance and book the boat for your party.  Many schools now do this for prom and homecoming, so why not do it for a birthday party? 

Finally, if you are looking for something a little less expensive, you may want to think about having a movie party.  In today’s society, all most everyone has a camcorder.   Therefore, see if you can find some home movies of your birthday guest.  You will then be able to turn it into a movie night where people are able to sit back, relax and eat while they watch the guest grow up before their eyes.  Your guest may have forgotten about some of the movies or the good times they had as a child.  You may want to copy these movies for the guest as a gift that they will have forever at the end of the party.  What a way to say happy birthday.

It is easy to see that 40th birthday celebration ideas have come a lot further than simply putting out some over the hill signs.  Be creative and give the guest a party that he or she would never expect.  Make it a birthday to remember for many years to come.  You will be glad you did when you see them smile and enjoy the evening.