35th Anniversary Gift

Guidelines for Choosing a Unique 35th Anniversary Gift

            According to traditional and modern guidelines, jade and coral are the choices for a 35th anniversary gift, but don’t let them limit you.  Open your mind to the many possibilities that these two simple elements can offer for coming up with the best anniversary gift ever.

            There is seemingly no documentation to indicate who it was that may have started the traditional anniversary gift guide.  Perhaps it began with declaring the 25th anniversary as silver and the 50th as gold that planted the seed for a gift theme for each year of married life.  For many years, the traditional guideline was followed to provide ideas for couples who bought gifts for each other.  Over time, however, the list actually branched out into two lists; one traditional and the other more modern.  For a 35th wedding anniversary, tradition dictated that jade was the element of choice around which to base a gift.  Modern insights gave the option of substituting jade with coral.

            When in a dilemma about what type of gift to give for an anniversary, it can be somewhat comforting to fall back on tried and true standards.  For many people, thinking about jade or coral instantly brings to mind some type of jewelry.  These can be lovely gifts, and may be the perfect choice for some.  There are a few other options, however, to consider as gifts when these elements are simply used as a starting point and you think outside the box.

            Of course, the type of gift may depend on who is receiving it.  If you are buying a 35th anniversary gift for a spouse, it will likely have a more personal note and may carry a higher price tag than if you are buying a gift for another couple.  Keep in mind when choosing any gift that it should somehow reflect the interests and likes of the person receiving it.  The following list details some unique twists on the traditional and modern standards for a gift:

Vacation at the Ambergris Caye.  Located in the warm Caribbean waters of Belize, Central America, the Ambergris Caye is a breathtakingly lovely strip of land with azure waters and white sandy beaches.  It is also in very close proximity to the Belize Barrier Reef, the second largest coral reef system in the world.  A trip to this amazing and beautiful area would be a perfect gift to celebrate 35 years of marriage; snorkeling or scuba diving to view the intricate coral, parasailing, sailing or just relaxing.  This is a great gift for a couple to plan together, or for a gift that can be contributed to by many family members for the couple.

Take a Trip to Washington, D.C.  Visiting Washington D.C. has much to offer any visitor, but to celebrate a 35th wedding anniversary, one stop that will be a must see is the National Bonsai and Penjing Museum.  A vast array of beautifully and artistically grown bonsai including the Jade bonsai and the Jade mountain bamboo has been carefully and artfully cultivated and are on display.  Following the bonsai exhibits, a visit to the Smithsonian will reveal the largest faceted heliodor on display; measuring 2054 carats.  After enjoying the lovely exhibits, have dinner at the Jade Billows where classic Chinese dishes can be chosen from the menu.

            Of course, there is nothing so lovely as a sculpture or piece of jewelry made of either jade or coral, and when given as a gift will be received warmly.  However, to make a 35th wedding anniversary even more special, thinking outside of the box by extending the jade or coral theme just may make this anniversary the most memorable.