21st Party Ideas

Top 21st Party Ideas

            The number “21” has a special connotation when referring to age; and when it comes to determining the best ways to celebrate a 21st party, ideas can range from the sedate to the extreme.

            While turning 18 signifies the age of adulthood, in the United States the age of 21 means freedom to drink alcoholic beverages legally.  Often this fact leads to many young people wanting to break out on that birthday with a vengeance as they attempt to make this momentous occasion memorable.  It is important to remember that safety should always be the first consideration when alcoholic beverages are included in such a festive event, and certain responsible people should be designated as the non-imbibing members of the party.

Daytime Adventure
When planning a party, especially for such a special birthday, think outside the box.  Who says a party must have a start time and end time?  Plan an entire day that will encompass many features to create an amazing occasion with either a few friends or a large group.  Conclude the day with a festive party that includes food, drink, music and social interaction.

            Choosing a handful of good friends to help celebrate your birthday can be the most satisfying way to turn 21.  Perhaps you already have a tradition in place used for each and every birthday within the circle of friends; if so, seek to kick it up a notch by adding other features.  Since 21 only comes around once in a lifetime, make the celebration fit the occasion by doing something never attempted before.  Extreme rock climbing, a hot air balloon ride, bungee jumping, flying in a vertical wind tunnel or sky diving could mark the date as one never to be forgotten.  Charter a party boat to spend the day sailing, sunbathing and sipping drinks before heading out to the birthday party itself.

            If relaxation is a more desired activity than the daring during the day before the evening festivities, many opportunities present themselves.  Ladies, plan a day at the spa, enjoying massages while you sip wine before heading out to really celebrate in the evening at nightclubs.  Guys can enjoy the same massages and a steam bath; real men do like spas! 

Dinner Party
Although the age 21 can often be associated with slightly immature and reckless behavior, many young adults enjoy a sophisticated, elegant environment where they can exhibit their adult behavior.  Especially when older family members will be celebrating the birthday along with the younger set, a more serene setting may be desired.  To make it more intimate and personal for the group, reserve a private room in a favorite restaurant.  This gives everyone the opportunity to dress up if desired, as well.  Ordering a birthday cake from a favorite bakery and having it delivered to the dining room at the conclusion of the meal can make it extra special.

            A dinner party can also easily be organized in a home.  The more relaxed atmosphere can give way to social time after dinner has been consumed in a more comfortable setting, and also reduces the feeling of being on a timetable.

Surprise Party
Many people truly love being surprised with a party.  It impresses upon the guest of honor how highly their friends think of them when they go to the extreme of planning a party to celebrate their 21st birthday.  It may take some doing to organize food, decorations and all of the guests without the birthday person learning of the event, but the look on their face at the word “surprise” will likely be worth every moment.

            Celebrating a 21st birthday is a momentous occasion, and one worthy of some extra effort.  Whether done in a sophisticated manner or with wild abandon, make the day one that will be remembered for a lifetime.