21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Tips on 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

In many countries, becoming an adult is synonymous with the 21st birthday.  Gift ideas for those facing this meaningful birthday can be modeled to the special aspects of the day.

What it means to turn 21

Certain birthdays are more anticipated than others; school age, sweet 16 and turning 21.  It seems that children are continually wishing their time away as they eagerly look forward to reaching each of these monumental stages in their lives.  The age of twenty one is like the pinnacle of the age continuum; an age where an individual will hold the world in the palm of their hand, with just about anything possible for them.  Indeed, from that point on, many people believe their lives are on the downturn.

For many individuals in the United States, turning the age of 21 means achieving the legal age required to drink alcoholic beverages.  Drinking alcohol must always be done in a responsible manner; safely and in moderation.

In some of the United States, turning 21 means reaching the age of majority; an age when an individual obtains the rights and responsibilities of being an adult.

Best gifts for the 21 year old

Even though people attaining the ripe old age of 21 are considered to be fully adult, there is no reason why birthday gifts cannot be fun.   Choosing a gift that is representative of the unique interests of the individual is always a smart idea.  NASCAR fans, for example, are young enough to still enjoy apparel and accessories displaying their favorite driver’s number but also are old enough to fully appreciate a gift of a meet ‘n greet with NASCAR drivers.  Concert tickets to a favorite singing sensation or seats to see a favorite comedian are always good gift ideas.

Because the age of 21 indicates the legal drinking age in the majority of states, a night out with good friends can be a fun gift.  It is important to remember, however, that with the legal right to drink comes the legal responsibility of drinking.  Often, the best idea is to hold a party at the home of a friend where people can safely stay the night if necessary.

When considering a number of 21st birthday gift ideas, keep in mind the living situation of the individual.  If the individual is still in college, it is likely they may need some of the more basic things in life.  A gift certificate at a local grocery store or in the college bookstore; a gift certificate for gas stations or a gift certificate to a favorite clothing store can all be of great help to students who are often strapped for cash.

Gender specific gifts

Women who are turning 21 may be more prepared to be pampered at this age than before.  No longer teenagers, they are more often than not responsible for their own upkeep; a fact that generally means they cannot afford some of the finer things life has to offer.  One of the great 21st birthday gifts for a woman is a spa day; a day that she can enjoy being pampered and spoiled through massages, having their hair or nails done, or specialty services like a body wrap.


Men are often involved in sports such as football or baseball, but may not have the ability to afford such extravagance.  Tickets to a game will prove to be a memorable gift when experienced with a group of good friends.  If he is an involved participant in a sport, a gift of a piece of sporting equipment pertaining to his sport will be an ideal gift.

Any gift given to an individual of any age should be matched to the unique personality and interest of the person.  The best gift is the one that is well thought out and tailored to the individual, although using the theme of achieving the long yearned for age of 21 can also play an important part of the gift.