17th Birthday Ideas

Top 5 Tips for 17th Birthday Ideas

            Teenagers are much easier to please than many people believe, and when planning a party for a 17th birthday, ideas can range from any variety of themes, depending on the interests of the teen.

            The best way to plan a birthday party for anyone, including teenagers, is to consider what the individual enjoys most.  While many people enjoy a variety of interests, it is usually best to narrow the choices down to a few for a more organized event.  No matter how many people will attend the event, the party can reflect the theme chosen.

1)         SPORTS THEME
If your teenager is into sports, whether it be an individual sport such as track and field, swimming or golf or if it is a professional sport like football, baseball or hockey, a party can be built around the theme.  Start with invitations that display pictures of the sport.  Planning the rest of the party is easy.  Pieces of equipment used in the sport can act as decorations, games can be organized that feature sports lingo, foods that are common for the sport or are fashioned in the appearance of sports equipment or logos and favors in the sports theme can all add fun and excitement to the party.  If professional sports are the favorite, getting tickets to a game in season can be a fun way to celebrate the birthday with just a few friends.


2)         MUSIC THEME
Just about every teenager is a fan of a particular singing sensation.  Structuring the party idea around the singer by playing CD’s of the celebrity and showing DVD concerts can be a fun way for the teens to enjoy the music.  Food ideas can be very flexible; pizza, nachos, submarine sandwiches, chips and other snacks hit great high notes with teenagers!  If gifts are being accepted, encourage guests to bring those gifts relating to the singer; CD’s, T-shirts, jewelry inspired by the star and other items.  If the singer will be visiting the area soon and performing a concert, a great gift would be tickets for the concert.


3)         GAME THEME:
Nowadays, kids are enthralled with video games.  Many of them spend long hours in front of TV and computer screens playing the games, and often spend even more time discussing strategies of games such as Guitar Hero, RockBand, Doom, Halo and Resident Evil.  Arranging a party theme around the game they most enjoy playing is playing right into their interests.  When deciding on food to serve, remember that the teens will likely be involved playing the game; foods that are easily popped into the mouth work best.


4)         FOOD THEME
A pizza party is always a welcome event for teens.  Pizza can be ordered in from a local favorite pizza joint, or simply pick up some of their fresh dough and an assortment of pizza toppings, and let the teens go to town designing their own personal pizza.  If your teen enjoys Mexican food, provide all of the fixin’s for tacos and nachos, and make a lemony-lime fizz punch that can be served in margarita glasses.



5)         INTEREST THEME:
One of the best 17th birthday ideas for a party centers around the teen’s interests.  Horseback riding, hiking, arcades, amusement parks and bowling are all great activities that make for a great warm weather parties.  Snow boarding, skiing and snow shoeing will provide a great birthday outlet for cold weather parties.

            When your teen turns 17, celebrating their big day by tailoring a party according to their specific interests shows them not only that you as the parent understand and respect their interests, but that you care so much to offer it to them in a party package.