16th Birthday Ideas

16th Birthday Ideas – How to Make It Special

You may be thinking of 16th birthday ideas if you have a son or daughter that is coming of age.  This is an exciting time in every child’s life and you want to make it special for your child.  There are so many different types of theme parties that you can throw for your son or daughter that it may become overwhelming as you attempt to decide on a theme for their party.  Knowing what your child likes and dislikes will help in the process.  This brief article will explain some of the options that you have as a parent or guardian.  Hopefully you will read something that sparks an interest.

Well we all know what the age 16 signifies.  BEING ABLE TO DRIVE! For a teenager this is probably the most important day of his or her life.  Therefore, you may want to have a party that revolves around this topic.  It may be more appropriate for boys but I think you could find a way to make it girly.  You could have a car cake (maybe a pink Cadillac) and you could have keys on the tables for decorations.  You could also have road map or a globe that has your child’s pictures on it as they grow up.  Each picture could be a significant stop on the map as they have aged and grown into an adult.  If your child has a car you may want to recommend gifts that related to the car such as a steering wheel cover or supplies to wash the car with.  There are so many options that you could really have a great time with this idea.

If you are looking for 16th birthday ideas that are really geared towards girls you could have a glamour party or a princess party.  This could be a very formal gathering where the guests wear fancy clothing and get all dolled up.  You could go all out and hire someone to take photographs of all of the kids and you could have really fancy food rather than simple things like cake and hot dogs.  You may even want to have your daughter help you.  She knows what she likes and she knows what her friends like.  Have her help you plan her big day so that you know she will really enjoy it.  Something else that you can do at this party is to have a first dance between your little girl and her father.  This can symbolize there first dance together now that she is becoming a grown woman.  This is sure to bring a tear to everyone’s eye.

Even though it may sound silly, you could have a murder mystery party.  Teenagers may have a short attention span and you do not want to have to entertain them the entire party.  Therefore, if you have a party like this you will be encouraging them to pay attention and they will need to interact with one another.  You can often research how to throw a party like this online.  It will explain how to set it up and what types of supplies you will need for the mystery itself.  You can then purchase decorations that relate to this theme.  This may even be a really neat idea if your child’s birthday is in October around Halloween.

16th birthday ideas can revolve around any topic you want.  The key is to be creative and to be able to tie everything together.  You want it to be something that your child will really enjoy and will remember forever, that is why you may want to consult them about what they would like to do as well.  If you have a spending budget you may want to let them know that so that they are not disappointed if something does not work out.  Just remember that this is an important time in his or her life.  You want them to know that you recognize this and you are excited about it as well.