16 Year Old Jobs

Fun Jobs for 16 Year Olds

Finding jobs for 16 year olds can be difficult, especially in today’s economic crisis. Jobs tend to be scarce and hard to come by, especially for younger people with little or no practical work experience. Despite these setbacks, there are some tailor made jobs for 16 year olds if you know where to look. In addition, many of these jobs can provide excellent training and experience, providing young teens with invaluable skills for later jobs once they are fully immersed in the workforce.

For the Dogs

Many people work long hours, preventing them from being able to take Fido out for proper exercise and bathroom breaks. This has resulted in an increase in demand for professional dog walkers. Once trust and a good rapport has been established with your clients, some may even ask you to dog or housesit while they go on vacation. For teens not wanting to work long hours, this job can be ideal, and has the added bonus of providing a good workout and playful time with man’s best friend.

Wrap It Up

The holiday season brings a litany of fun seasonal jobs for 16 year olds. One popular job, the gift wrapper, can be found at most shopping malls and several higher end department stores. While a fairly simple job that generally requires little or no training, previous experience wrapping gifts and an eye for detail will certainly look good on an application. It’s important to note that places hiring gift wrappers will want applicants that can do the job properly and not slough off. Remember, many of these places charge their customers for this service, so they will not want sub-par gift wrapping.

Hey Baby

Babysitting is one of the top jobs for 16 year olds, and can also be one of the most fun. While a babysitter will occasionally get a problem child to watch, most kids are eager to make friends and will enjoy hanging out with a teenager, so long as the babysitter doesn’t fall into bad stereotypes. Don’t assume it will be ok to text all evening, or just plant the children in front of a rated R movie. This is a job to be taken seriously and if done well, will often result in tips and repeat clients.

Cream and Sugar

It seems nowadays that coffee shops can be found on every street corner. Thankfully for the job-minded 16 year old, many of these places have no problems hiring teenage baristas. The fast-paced atmosphere isn’t for everyone, but these places are an excellent way to learn time management skills and will provide you experience working with the public and handling money as well. In addition to this, coffee shops tend to be open later than many retail stores—a benefit to students with extracurricular activities during the afternoon.

Paper or Plastic

Grocery stores are great places for teens to look for jobs. Many teens will start off as part-time baggers or cart wranglers, but may easily go up the ladder to better paying positions throughout high school and college if they so choose. For college minded students, getting in with a grocery store can be ideal since many stores have transfer programs that will ensure the teen has a job waiting for them in the college town of their choice.

For Here or To Go

Fast food restaurants are perhaps the biggest job providers for teenagers. While paper hats and grease traps may not be appealing to many teens, the schedule flexibility and on-the-job training make this an ideal job genre. Some larger chains also offer college tuition programs to help their employees better themselves academically. In addition to this, moving up the corporate ladder is very easy as long as the teen is responsible and motivated.