14th Birthday Party Ideas

A Short List Of 14th  Birthday Party Ideas

Coming up with some 14th birthday party ideas isn't as difficult as you might think. Lots of good ideas can be found by skimming through the forums on the Internet dealing with the subject. Whether you’re talking about 14 year olds, or simply boys or girls in their early teens, the ideas are about the same.

Whose Birthday And Who Are The Guests? - What your plans are of course, depends on several things. Will the party be at home, or held somewhere else, or both?  Will girls only be invited, boys only, or both? And of course, is the party of a 14 year old girl, or a 14 year old boy?  Good 14th birthday party ideas depend greatly on which one of the above questions you are dealing with.

If both girls and boys are going to be present, you need to find things that everyone can participate in, and not something that the boys are going to do as a group (video games) while the girls do something else (make overs). At this age, games kids have enjoyed in the past are often no longer of interest, plus you have to be careful which games you choose so that no one gets left out or ends up standing on the sidelines. It probably goes without saying, that if there is going to be a sleep over, the boys are sent home first.

Pizza And A Movie For A Small Number Of Guests - If there are only a few coming to the party, a pizza and a good movie is almost always a hit. Teens like pizza (and ice cream) and a good movie. Find out what the most popular newly released DVD is, and purchase or rent it. Of if there is a classic old timer out there, give that some thought as well. In addition to "Batman Begins" or "Pirates of The Caribbean", a Laurel and Hardy short subject like "The Music Box" can be a new experience the kids will really enjoy. While most everyone enjoys good pizza (find out what the favorites are and have two or three different kinds), having a movie for a large group isn't always a good idea. If there are going to be more than a half-dozen at the party, best to forget the movie. One or more of the guest could get bored. If either costumes or goofy games are on the ticket, be sure and have the digital camera handy for a photo shoot.

The Old Standbys - If the party is to be held out of the house, roller skating, bowling, and laser tag are almost all guaranteed to be fun for all. Just check first to see if any of the guests might not, for one reason or another, be able to take part in the fun. Make sure that person is able to participate in some way, or find something different for him or her to do. In the summer, or where there's an indoor pool, a swimming party offers all kinds of opportunities, from just splashing around, to organized games.

Go To The Thrift Store - Girls never tire of dressing up, boys are sometimes cool to the idea. But here's a birthday party that's also a costume party, with an added twist. Either have the guests visit a thrift store, or take everyone to one, and go shopping for ways to dress up. After everyone is dressed to" the nines", head for the pizza parlor (if you dare).

Get That Shirt On – Quick! - An idea, probably best suited for boys, and probably not suited for mixed company, is a frozen T-shirt contest. This is where the having the digital camera handy can be priceless! Soak T-shirts in water, and place them in the freezer overnight. At the appointed time, take them out of the freezer, give one to each guest, and give a prize to the one who gets their shirt on first. Take plenty of pictures.

Another good idea for boys is to take them to an obstacle course of there's one nearby, and let them spend an hour or two burning off energy before the cake and ice cream. Boys like outdoors activities like that, where girls are often happier staying in the house.

You can have as large a party as you think you can handle, but in the case of parties for a 14 year old, big parties aren't necessarily better. Being with a half dozen, or even fewer, close friends can be one of the best 14th  birthday party ideas of all.