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Did you know that...

Over the last thirty years, the number of people living in the most desperate poverty, those living on under one dollar a day, has decreased.

Cheerleading dates back to the late nineteenth century, and to a football game at the University of Minnesota.

Stolen bases are not allowed in kickball and, as in the case with softball, if you are a runner, your foot must be on the base until a fielder touches the ball or you will be called out.


Licorice is a perennial herb that grows in the Middle East, Southern China, and in such European countries as Italy, Greece, and Spain.

The key to removing grease on any kind of material, be it clothing, rug, or sofa is to begin by using hot water.

The senna herb grows primarily in tropical locations, and because of its colorful yellow flowers, is a favorite for decorations and landscaping.

Mold is a living organism, a kind of fungus.

Human communication can be thought of as consisting of three elements, the sender, the receiver, and the medium.